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Título: Personal Identity and Ethnic Ambiguity: Naming Practices among the Eurasians of Macau
Autores: Pina Cabral, João
Lourenço, Nelson
Palavras-chave: Personal Identity
Ethnic Ambiguity
Data: 1994
Citação: Cabral, J. P.; Lourenço, N. (1994). Personal Identity and Ethnic Ambiguity: Naming Practices among the Eurasians of Macau. Social Anthropology, 2, 2, pp. 115-132
Resumo: This paper is an attempt to explore the relationship between personal identity and ethnic identity from a perspective that sees culture, to use Sangren's words, as a dialectically unified process of self and collective production (1991:80). I will be focusing on naming practices in a multiethnic context in such a way as to show that the negotiation of name conferral and uses, functions not only as a means of situating the person and of achieving personal strategic aims but also of constantly defining the sociocultural system or system involved (cf. Herzfeld 1982:288). The portuguese-sepaking Eurasians of Macao are a particularly good test case for this study as they live in a marginal condition and thus provide us with a clearer perception of the practical limits of these sociocultural systems (cf. Terrades 1992).
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