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Title: Management of Water Pollutants Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis and Fuzzy Logics
Authors: Cescotto, Serge
Roubens, Marc
Rigo, Nicolas
Gao, Shixiang
Wang, Xiaodong
Zhang, Aiquan
Lourenço, Nelson
Zhou, Jiti
Xiang, Xuemin
Lobo Ferreira, Joao Paulo
Keywords: Rivers
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Tsinghua University Press & Springer-Verlag
Citation: Cescotto, S.; Roubens, M.; Rigo, N.; Gao, S.; Wang, X.; Zhang, A.; Lourenco, N.; Zhou, J.; Xiang, X. and Lobo Ferreira, J. P. 2007. Management of Water Pollutants Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis and Fuzzy Logics. Computational Methods in Engineering & Science. Hainan: Tsinghua University Press & Springer-Verlag. pp.1-14
Abstract: This work has been developed in the frame of the MANPORIVERS research project funded by the European Commission. The goal is to identify effective and sustainable policies for the management of surface and ground water pollutants, taking account of their relationships with food production and human health. A methodology based on the combination of fuzzy logics and multicriteria analysis is proposed as a decision aid tool for the development of such policies. An example of application in the Huai river basin is given.
ISBN: 9783540482604
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