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Title: Influence of trans-cis isomerisation of coumaric acid substituents on colour variance and stabilisation in anthocyanins
Authors: George, Florian
Figueiredo, Paulo
Toki, Kenjiro
Tatsuzawa, Fumi
Saito, Norio
Brouillard, Raymond
Keywords: Acylated anthocyanins
Intramolecular copigmentation
trans-cis isomerisation
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Phytochemistry 57 (2001) 791–795
Abstract: The recently isolated pigments from Petunia integrifolia and Triteleia bridgesii present a distinct feature that sheds new light on the understanding of intramolecular copigmentation of anthocyanins. These are among the infrequent anthocyanins that naturally present a coumaric acid substituent in both cis and trans forms. As a consequence, the two isomers demonstrate substantial variations of their thermodynamic and kinetic constants and also colour properties. A possible explanation for these characteristics is presented, making use of molecular modelling and taking into account the three-dimensional structures of the pigments.
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