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Title: Sustainable development and environmental changes: how to face ecosystem management?
Authors: Russo Machado, Carlos
Lourenço, Nelson
Harum, Till
Lieberei, Reinhard
Pérez Gonzaléz, Alfredo
Feoli, Enrico
Jorge, Rosário
Keywords: Sustainable development
environmental changes
ecosystem management
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Universidade Atlântica
Citation: Machado, C.R.; Lourenço, N.; Harum, T.; Lieberei, R.; Pérez Gonzaléz, A.; Feoli, E.; Jorge, R. 2002. Sustainable development and environmental changes: how to face ecosystem management? ECOMAN Newsletter, 1. pp 2-3
Abstract: It is well known that the economic growth, which is necessary to face the demographic pressure and to maintain and increase the life standing of the population, has strong impacts on the environment. The environmental changes affect globally and regionally the human system; for instance the decrease of arable lands or the depletion of vegetation and water resources affects both the economic activities and the life conditions of the populations. This framework induces the main question on Global Change research: How to conciliate the anthropogenic pressures with the sustainability of the environment?
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