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Title: Sustainable Tourism Development and Local Participation: Towards a Good Governance
Authors: Jorge, Rosário
Lourenço, Nelson
Russo Machado, Carlos
Rodrigues, Luís
Keywords: Sustainability
Public participation
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: TERI-The Energy Research Institute
Citation: Jorge, R.; Lourenço, N.; Machado, C.R.; Rodrigues, L. 2002. Sustainable Tourism Development and Local Participation: Towards a Good Governance. Coastin. A Coastal Policy Research Newsletter, 7. pp 2-5
Abstract: Sustainability is a complex and less understood concept, and difficult to define. The concept of sustainability becomes relevant only when we define in practical terms what it means to be sustained. The present context of uncertainty indicates that new understanding and solutions can only arise with wide public and scientific participation. When discussing issues regarding sustainability in tourism, both hosts and guests need to become the focus of attention. The destruction of natural resources for short-term gain will deny the benefits to be gained from the mobilization of those resources in the future.
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