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Title: Socio-Economic Information for a Comprehensive Analysis of Land Use Changes
Authors: Lourenço, Nelson
Pinto Correia, Teresa
Jorge, Rosário
Russo Machado, Carlos
Keywords: Integrated analysis
Land use changes
environmental sustainability
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
Citation: Lourenço, N.; Correia, T.P.; Jorge, R.; Machado, C.R. 1998. Socio-Economic Information for a Comprehensive Analysis of Land Use Changes. in Xavier Baulies; Gérard Szejwach (eds.) LUCC data requirements workshop: Survey of needs, gaps and priorities on data for land-use / land-cover change research. Barcelona: Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, pp. 115-117.
Abstract: Understand the meanings and motives underneath the processes of land use / land cover changes is an important issue to the knowledge of these processes of change. In this way the scientific basis of this work is the belief that integrating physical and socio-economic approaches in the study of land resources and land use systems represents a conceptually correct means of addressing the unifying issue of economic and environmental sustainability.
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