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Title: Tourism: spatial dimension and driving force
Authors: Lourenço, Nelson
Jorge, Rosário
Keywords: Tourism
Diving forces
Spatial dimensions
Natural Resources
Coastal Areas
Goa, India
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: TERI-The Energy Research Institute
Citation: Lourenço, N; Jorge, R. 2003. Tourism: spatial dimension and driving force. in Noronha, L. et allii. (eds.). Coastal tourism, Environment and Sustainable Local Development. New Delhi: TERI-The Energy Research Institute. pp 31-60
Abstract: Spatial and socio-economic impacts of tourism have been quite significant in some regions, causing changes in the economic structure, stimulating some sectors and displacing others. Tourism creates pressures on different domains—natural resources and environment, the built environment, and hospitality and cultural resources. The tourism infrastructure has impacted on the existing social, economic, and environmental dynamics of Goan society. Some of the tourism-related influences are discussed in this chapter.
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