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Title: Fruit and honey yogurts: sources of antioxidant compounds
Authors: Marletta, Agustín
Tavares, Ana Catarina
Alves, Andreia
Gonçalves, Margarida
Figueiredo, Paulo
Mendes, Benilde
Keywords: honey
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Yogurt is a functional food mainly known by its prebiotic and probiotic properties. On the other hand, the addition of fruit rich jams or honey to yogurts has been widely used to improve the organoleptic and nutritional value of this food product. These components also allow obtaining a different range of products that can gain the consumer preference. Fruits and honey are themselves functional products rich in nutraceutical components such as vitamins or flavonoids. The antioxidant activity of different foods has been associated with the presence of such nutraceutical compounds therefore their presence in yogurt formulations should have a similar impact in their antioxidant power.
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