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Title: Green Store Initiative
Authors: Afonso, Tiago Henrique
Keywords: Waste
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: Atlântica- Instituto Universitário
Citation: Afonso, Tiago Henrique (2020). Green Store Initiative. Barcarena: Atlântica - Instituto Universitário
Abstract: The goal of this project is to solve a real world issue, that of reducing waste. One of the major waste management companies in Portugal offers a service, the green store initiative. It is a simple, yet thoughtful service targeted towards small commerce businesses such as stores and restaurants. This service helps the owners of the establishment by offering door-to-door waste collection services. The way it is presently being done is not very efficient, and this project will attempt to offer a solution to that issue. This report begins with an analysis of the current situation and an outlining of the plan and strategy to follow in order to achieve the desired results, followed by a literature review where several related and important subjects regarding the development of the application are detailed and analysed. After, a detailed presentation of the functional and non-functional requirements is made followed by an in-depth overview of the main architectural processes of the application. Furthermore, chapter 5 showcases many of the architectural processes discussed in the previous chapter, but with a focus on UI and UX followed by a conclusion and analysis of the accomplished goals and plans for the future.
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