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dc.contributor.authorDutschke, Georg-
dc.contributor.authorGarcia, Julio del Junco-
dc.contributor.authorEspansandín-Bustelo, Francisco-
dc.contributor.authorDutschke, Mariana-
dc.contributor.authorFlorencio, Beatriz Palacios-
dc.identifier.citationDutschke, G.; Garcia, J.; Espansandín-Bustelo, F.; Dutschke, M.; Florencio, B. P. (2015). Teenagers’ Socio and Cultural Values: Relation with Entrepreneurship. In Alcantara-Pilar, J.M., Barrio-Garcia, S., Crespo-Almendros, E. & Porcu, L. (Eds.), Analysing the culturally diverse consumer in the global marketplace (59-81). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI GLOBAL.pt_PT
dc.description.abstractInvestigations related to national culture and young are becoming more important (Brown et al., 2002; Larson, 2011). Gelhaar et al. (2007) state that “there is great concern about the poor academic performance and wiling to entrepreneurship of the adolescents and young adults in European countries, especially in the southern regions, where youth unemployment is very high”. For Iberia it’s very important that adolescents and young adults have the want to become entrepreneurs, by developing new projects but, mainly, by having entrepreneurship as a purpose for their professional life. Entrepreneurship should be developed both at an individual level and within the organizations. It´s key to achive success, since originates innovation, both incremental and disruptive. This exploratory research aims to identify the relations between teenagers’ socio and cultural values and their want to become entrepreneurs. In concrete, if socio and cultural dimensions identified by Hofstede and Minkov (2010) are related with the want to become entrepreneur.pt_PT
dc.subjectSocio-cultural valuespt_PT
dc.subjectNational culturept_PT
dc.titleTeenagers’ Socio and Cultural Values: Relation with Entrepreneurshippt_PT
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